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Winding Waters Clinic Is Happy To Welcome Will Perez, and Sree Alturu

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Will Perez, MD
July 1st - August 7th, 2014

         Wilfredo (Will) Pérez grew up in New England, with his mom, younger brother and sister. A world traveler at heart, he has lived in three countries and visited 11 others. In 2004, Will matriculated at Brown University, where he was simultaneously accepted to the Program in Liberal Medical Education, majoring in Community Health. During his freshman year in college, Will met two people who would inspire his future work in global health. After learning about Haiti from Tracy Kidder and Dr. Paul Farmer, Will dedicated himself to this country: he studied Haitian Creole, becoming fluent by the end of college. 

    During his senior year, he attended one of Dr. Farmer's symposiums, and was offered a position as the first public health director of a large orphanage in rural Haiti. Will jumped at this opportunity, deferring medical school for a year to live in Haiti and work with local youth and families on a variety of public health projects such as eradicating bed bugs and treating tuberculosis, designing a new health center, and training public health workers to meet the medical needs of the orphanage. 

    Brown University recognized his work, awarding him the $25,000 Zucconi Fellowship to fund his tuberculosis program, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) provided him with a $125,000 grant for his public health programs. During medical school, Will continued his work in Haiti as a consultant for two now Haitian run organizations, helping his public health programs to be adopted in 40 villages throughout the country and receiving grants and awards (including the VH1 Do Something Award and the CUGH Emerging Leadership in Global Health Award) for his work. During his first year of medical school, the devastating earthquake struck Haiti, and Will lost six friends. Later that year, he met and fell in love with his partner, Sabatino, a singer/architect/designer and the man he can't wait to marry but isn't yet allowed to #marriageequality. Will is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, a competitive ballroom dancer, salsa instructor and marathon runner. He and his partner couldn't be more excited about joining the OHSU Family Medicine team and making Portland their new home!

Sree Alturu, MD
July 28th - September 4th, 2014


         Sree was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Minnesota.  She studied Biology and Political Science as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  While there she discovered a strong interest in health policy, social justice and community engagement. Her love for politics drove her to work for now Senator Al Franken's election campaign and recount in 2008.  After the recount finished, she traveled to Hyderabad, India for 6 weeks to rotate through a HIV, tuberculosis and leprosy center, and a tertiary care heart hospital.  These experiences solidified her desires to continue work in global health, public health, women's health and preventive medicine.

    To combine her interests in medicine and politics, she attended the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There, she began to work with underserved communities by volunteering at the student run free clinic and conducting community research in HIV/AIDS.  In addition, she developed her leadership skills by working with student government and administrative deans. During her fourth year, she went to Hyderabad again to learn more about medical management of HIV, tuberculosis and leprosy in low resource settings.  All these experiences solidified her commitment to work in primary care. 

    Sree's love for family medicine comes from the ability of family practitioners to develop longitudinal patient relationships, to provide full spectrum care from newborns to the elderly and to emphasize preventive medicine. Her interests include low-risk obstetrics care, women's health, pediatrics and preventive medicine. Due to her interests across multiple disciplines of medicine, Sree is excited to have the opportunity to continue to develop professionally and personally at the Family Medicine department at OHSU and explore the city of Portland.  

Behaviorists Seeing Patients at Winding Waters Clinic!

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Winding Waters Clinic, P.C. is proud to be implementing a new facet to our ever expanding and improving health care environment. Winding Waters Clinic, a certified Patient Centered Primary Care Home, believes that all aspects of a person’s health are important. That is why Winding Waters Clinic will have on staff behavioral health consultants(BHCs). The mission of a BHC is to provide behavioral counseling to patients in a medical setting. The BHC is a highly skilled individual who helps the patient through chronic illness, and other mental stressors. Our BHCs are completely patient centered, allowing them to effectively help our patients. The duties of our BHCs range from performing behavioral risk assessments, to teaching and educating the patient and his/her family. Effective evidence based treatment is key to the success of our BHCs. By taking a holistic approach, encompassing both mental and physical health, Winding Waters Clinic is ushering in a new era of patient centered treatment.   

Schedule of Discounts Packet Available Online

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Go to the Downloads page to download an information packet and worksheet for those qualifying for discounted fees. If you would like a hard copy mailed to you, please call to request.

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