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Winding Waters Clinic Is Happy To Welcome Sree Alturu and Luis Manriquez

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Sree Alturu, MD
July 28th - September 4th, 2014


         Sree was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Minnesota.  She studied Biology and Political Science as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  While there she discovered a strong interest in health policy, social justice and community engagement. Her love for politics drove her to work for now Senator Al Franken's election campaign and recount in 2008.  After the recount finished, she traveled to Hyderabad, India for 6 weeks to rotate through a HIV, tuberculosis and leprosy center, and a tertiary care heart hospital.  These experiences solidified her desires to continue work in global health, public health, women's health and preventive medicine.

    To combine her interests in medicine and politics, she attended the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There, she began to work with underserved communities by volunteering at the student run free clinic and conducting community research in HIV/AIDS.  In addition, she developed her leadership skills by working with student government and administrative deans. During her fourth year, she went to Hyderabad again to learn more about medical management of HIV, tuberculosis and leprosy in low resource settings.  All these experiences solidified her commitment to work in primary care. 

    Sree's love for family medicine comes from the ability of family practitioners to develop longitudinal patient relationships, to provide full spectrum care from newborns to the elderly and to emphasize preventive medicine. Her interests include low-risk obstetrics care, women's health, pediatrics and preventive medicine. Due to her interests across multiple disciplines of medicine, Sree is excited to have the opportunity to continue to develop professionally and personally at the Family Medicine department at OHSU and explore the city of Portland.  


Luis Manriquez, MD
August 25th- September 17th, 2014


         Luis Manriquez grew up in the desert southwest and headed to the Big Apple to study film-making in college.  He arrived in New York a week before September 11th and his experiences in the city following this tragedy forced him to rethink his career ambitions and focus on medicine as a way to be directly useful to people.

    Before applying to medical school he attended the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Bisbee, AZ, where he met his wife,Sarah. They lived in Denver while Luis finished his medical pre-requisites and ran a biodiesel cooperative and sustainable transportation education program.  They then moved to her native Washington and Luis was accepted to the University of Washington School of Medicine.

    As a first-year medical student Luis trained as a community organizer and worked to develop a student organization called the Health Equity Circle that brings students together across disciplines to educate students and take action on health-equity issues on campus and in the Seattle area.  He helped lead a partnership of student organizations, a local free clinic and the university in creating a student-run free clinic. As a clinical student he moved to Spokane and started another chapter of the Health Equity Circle in addition to developing a class, "Health Equity and Community Organizing" to teach students about health equity and how to be effective in organizing for change. 

    Luis is thrilled to be joining the OHSU Family Medicine/Preventive medicine program.  This program will give him the opportunity to train to be the best physician at the bedside and also learn the skills to follow patients out of the clinic and work with them to address the social, economic and environmental issues that affect our health.  He looks forward to continuing to work with community organizations to build a just society because a healthy society requires justice and a just society will be healthy.

    Being a family medicine doctor and community organizer allows Luis to support people in every stage of life, from delivering a young couple's first child into the world to working with community groups to ensure there is adequate educational support to help that child thrive to treating grandpa's hypertension so he can live to see his granddaughter graduate from college.  The opportunity to serve as a physician is an honor and a privilege.

    A glutton at heart, but at least one with good taste, Luis looks forward to taking his wife out to enjoy Portland's innovative food culture, foraging in the woods for gourmet mushrooms and hosting friends and family in their new hometown.

Health Coaches Seeing Patients at Winding Waters Clinic!

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Winding Waters Clinic, P.C. is proud to be implementing a new facet to our ever expanding and improving health care environment. Winding Waters Clinic, a certified Patient Centered Primary Care Home, believes that all aspects of a person’s health are important. That is why Winding Waters Clinic will have on staff behavioral health coaches (BHCs). The mission of a BHC is to provide counseling to patients in a medical setting. The BHC is a highly skilled individual who helps the patient through chronic illness, and other mental stressors. Our BHCs are completely patient centered, allowing them to effectively help our patients. The duties of our BHCs range from performing behavioral risk assessments, to teaching and educating patients and their families. Effective evidence-based treatment is key to the success of our BHCs. By taking a holistic approach, encompassing both mental and physical health, Winding Waters Clinic is ushering in a new era of patient centered treatment.   

Schedule of Discounts Packet Available Online

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Go to the Downloads page to download an information packet and worksheet for those qualifying for discounted fees. If you would like a hard copy mailed to you, please call to request.

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